Friday, February 20, 2009

Sewingroom Makeover done!

Hi, my name is Suzanne & I am a fabricaholic ("Hi Suzanne & welcome to the group!")
A couple of weeks ago I was getting some patterns down from a high shelf, when the patterns came tumbling down, along with the shelves. Hubby got out his trusty tools & got to repairing & here are the photos
This is my new organized pile of clothing patterns (in white unit) & finished quilt tops waiting to be quilted (on the left)
I had to include this photo...while Hubby worked on the closet, I stored all the batting & stuffing in the baby bed in our room...did not realized how much I had jammed in the closet!

The photo below is the shelving unit that fell (without all the books on it)

After removing the shelves,Hubby painted the wall. I am going to put up the pictures that are stored underneath the ironing board. To the left of photo is all my mending & refashioning projects...I better start working on that pile too!

Below is a slim photo of my closet all piled with my quilting stuff with the closet doors still on

Here is the new closet...Hubby removed the doors & the closet rod & put in two long shelves (with extra bracing). After the paint was dry, I immediately filled the closet up! I will make a curtain to cover up the area...hhhmmm...I better go buy some fabric, huh! LOL! The top shelf is costume, craft & cross-stitch patterns. The second shelf is quilting pattern (applique & piecing), plus a very large section of quilting ideas. The bottom is all that batting & boxes of Flannel, fabric for clothing projects, a bag of yarn & a couple bolts of muslin

Wow....I am really ready to sew now...I need to start making a to-do list, because there is ALOT to do! At least my family will know where I am....


Barb said...

Can I join your group.....of fabricacoholics??? If I spelt that right??? Love your new space. You are as bad as I am about projects...sheweeeee it is not just me.

Lorraine said...

Nice to have a makeover now and again to see what we really have stored in our sewing rooms! Amazing what we can fit in there isn't it.....not until a shelf gives way that we realise sometimes! LOL

Lori in South Dakota said...

No-don't buy any fabric, a flat sheet makes a great curtain!