Sunday, February 8, 2009

And the books came tumbling down...

What a messy room!

I had a friend ask me if she could borrow some doll patterns..."sure, BJ, I'll get those for you...hang on a minute"....Crash! I reached for the patterns on the top shelf in my sewing room, the shelf shifted & the books/patterns all came tumbling down. The support bars of the shelving had come out of the wall & the shelves followed. Hubby & I heard a weird popping sound a few days earlier & couldn't figure where it was coming was the screws popping out of the wall
To do list for Monday....go to Lowe's for a bookcase or new shelving unit!


JudyL said...

Oh goodness, what a mess. It will be nice to get a new shelf and re-organize your books . . . or it would be for me.

katie z said...

Good thing they didn't all fall on your head!