Friday, February 6, 2009

Quilt blog exploring

The grandbaby is sleeping, so I thought I would do a little quilting blog exploring. I enjoy reading what other quilts are doing around the World...such creativity! I followed a link from Judy at Patchwork Times, which I now have on my blog on the right side...Quilting Gallery. Check it out...very nice. You can find blogs & stores listed by your location.
I found a great quilting blog called Bejeweled quilts ( from American Samoa. I went to High School for a while in Western Samoa, so I just had to take a peek. This is one creative quilter. I have posted two of her photo's of a quilt she has for a giveaway...what is the title of the giveaway...the Ugly Quilt
Wow, I think it's a great quilt, don't you. One woman's ugly is another's beauty, I guess

I even like the back of the quilt!

In Closing:Do you have any websites to share for quilting/sewing/refashioning viewing? Share, please....


Barb said...

You are so awesome!! Six enteries for you. I am going to browse you blog for a while. Thanks again.

Lorraine said...

there are sooo many!! I have been wandering around in blogland this mroning as it is way too hot to do any creating!!I have lots of creative people on my bloglist...don't want to single one out! .....I enjoy visiting them and then visiting others on their the internet...especially when it is too hot to sleep!