Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quilting...bras....finished UFO's

As I have been cleaning/re-organizing/putting back together the sewingroom, I have tried to photograph some of my finished pieces that were stuck in piles...and there were ALOT of piles, folks! Below is a landscape piece I hand painted in a fabric dyeing class back in September 2008. I had fun just quilting in what I thought I had painted: lake, rocks, trees & sky.

This piece is from the same fabric dyeing class taught by Anne Munoz. I used various foam stamps and just layered leaf over leaf. I quilted it a couple months ago and thought I was done. Looking at it again, I'm going to add some more quilting!

In Closing: I got an e-mail about this group of South Carolina Quilters & just had to pass it on. They are a very creative group of women trying to raise awareness, as well as money, to fight breast cancer....enjoy.....

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Lorraine said...

I should be doing the same thing in my sewing room....I have a few things piled up there that need to be finished or thrown out! thanks for the link.......very creative!!