Monday, February 2, 2009

Posting success!

I love my cell phone camera..take a photo...send it to my it instantly!
It couldn't be easier!
This is my 2nd QOV quilt...again, the Flea Market Fancy pattern, but with yellow sashing & border. I put together the backing out of scraps, like the other QOV quilt of the same pattern. The yellow fabric in this photo looks really nice, but I think it is kind of overwhelming in real life..kind of neon yellow. Hey, it was good quality fabric on sale...what can I say!

In Closing: I love my cell phone...what Technology would you have a hard time living without? Share, please......


Barb said...

wow, I love that!!! Great work.

D2Quilter said...

I wanna blog from my phone! I guess I'm too busy or lazy to figure it out. I can't decide which one it is. Cute stuff. Email me and I'll send you quilting info when you're ready.