Friday, February 27, 2009

Charity or my Husband

I've set a goal to do a large size charity quilt each month of 2009. So far, I've done the same pattern for two QOV quilts, but in different colors, for January & February. I was ready for a change for March, and began a 9-patch variation using up more solid scraps....I seriously think these solid scraps are reproducing in the box when I'm not looking!
First, I made a bunch of scrappy 9-patch blocks (squares cut 4 inches) with the center square always being black.
Next, I cut the block in half both up & down and side to blocks were 11 inch, so I came out with (4) 5.5 inch blocks.

I flipped the blocks up on the upper right & lower left side and sewed together my new block

This is what I can out borders yet. Right now, it measures about 50 X 50 inches.

The next this my March quilt to charity or does my patient Hubby get a new quilt after 8 years? I went to put the Log Cabin quilt (showed in the previous post) back on the bed & noticed it has some major wear & tear places. Today is Hubby's birthday, so maybe a new quilt is in order!
In Closing: March is just a day away...any special goals for you? I am working on staying up with my planned projects, as well as doing a couple of fabric experiments I have shelved for a while. Please, share your plans............


Judy Laquidara said...

How about if I donate an extra quilt this month and between now and the end of 2009, if I can't get my donation quilt done, you can donate two to cover for me? So, your husband gets a new quilt and your donation quilt is covered too??

Lorraine said...

Judy's idea sounds good to me...!!

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much, are SO sweet! If you read the next post, Daughter V has laid claim for the quilt. Hubby wants a different pattern & colors...of was meant for my March donation and it's just rolling over to March...plenty of time! Thanks again!

Kris said...

Great block pattern!