Thursday, February 12, 2009

Draper Utah Temple Open House

I got to spend some wonderful time with my family this last Saturday attending the public Open House of the Draper Utah Temple. For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as LDS or Mormons), Temples are a very important & sacred place for us.
This Temple is built high up in the hills above the city of Draper, which is south of Salt Lake in the Salt Lake Valley. The snow was pretty, but extremely cold!

The views are quite expansive from the Temple lot area. Here's Daughter V waiting for the bus that took us up to the Temple grounds. The Open House runs for about 6 weeks, which translates into about 60,000 people going through the tour

Saturday when we were there, the air over the Valley was a little hazy...not as clear as in this photo

After a ten minute introductory movie, we walked thru various parts of the Temple. Nothing is closed to the public before the Temple is actually dedicated. I loved the use of the Sego Lily flower throughout the's the state flower of Utah. The windows of the dressing/restrooms even had log cabin patterned panes in them. Here are my kids who went...left to right...daughter V, daughter E holding baby Tayge & son-in-law B. Husband doesn't like his picture taken. Afterwards, you went back into a church building next to the Temple for refreshments & a visitng area where church members could answer any questions.

I am so glad I have the knowledge of the Gospel in my life, and that I know for sure that I can be together Forever with my family!

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Ann J said...

Love the family photos (especially the little one - who doesn't love to see a baby!) and what an amazing building !!....Luv AJ