Monday, August 4, 2008

What are you reading?

I am in a three month reading log challenge at You write down everything you read for July-September (Title, Author, Quick description, Personal Comments) and send it to 2 other people (assigned by the computer). I have been keeping a log, but I thought I better post it here, so if I lose the paper log, I have a backup printout.

"Elizabeth, the Golden Age" by Tasha Alexander
Novelization/Fiction about Queen Elizabeth I and her reign. I enjoyed it for entertainment sake.

"The Life Audit" by Caroline Righton. Self-help book built around using accounting/mathematical forms to record where and how you use your time. Interesting way to evaluate you life, though I thought it was a little too time consuming filling out multiple daily forms.

"Bleeding Hearts" by Susan Witting Albert. Another book in her China Bayles mystery series. Easy read....I usually figure out the killer and motive by half way thru the book.

"Nightshade" by Susan Witting Albert. I enjoyed this China Bayles book too, but it almost like Albert changed her writing style or someone else co-wrote with her....some of the descriptions of locations or action by the characters read like a play or movie script direct ("China turns to her right to look out the kitchen window. She is sad") Earlier books not like this one.

"My Secret War" by Mary Pope Osborne-Dear America Diary Series. This is a series of fictional diaries written about historical USA events. Reading level of a 12-16 year old, but I like them for the quick read and history aspect. "My Secret War" was a 15 year old girls diary during 1942/World War II.

"The Winter of Red Snow" by Kristiana Gregory-Dear America Diary Series. Another fictional diary by a 15 year old girl during the winter that George Washington was at Valley Forge.

I did write down a quote used in the Diary of "My Secret War" that I liked:

"You cannot escape anxiety, you cannot escape the clutch of fear at your heart, and yet, I hope that the certainty of what we have to meet will make you rise above these fears. You are going to have a great opportunity. There will be high moments in which your strength and ability will be tested. I have faith in you.

Eleanor Roosevelt 1942

Good words, even 66 years later!

In Closing: What are you reading....who's your favorite author?


Gina said...

My favourite author has to be Terry Pratchett. He writes very funny books about life on a parallel planet to ours. I do think you need the right sense of humour though.

Love and hugs gina xx

Kris said...

I like to read all sorts of things. Just lately I have been reading Alexander McCall Smith (No. 1 Ladies detective agency series, 44 Scotland Street series, Sunday Philosophy Club Series etc.)