Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a new toy

My daughter V's boyfriend is a computer smart boy, and got me a MobileLite USB Card reader. Before, when I've taken photos, I had to

a.Use a disposible camera and get the photos put on a CD

b.Use my memory card camera and ask Daughter E to download everything

c.Ask Daughter V to take a photo with her phone camera & send it to my e-mail

I tried it out yesterday, and it instantly downloaded my photos....yeah!

Unfortunately, now I can't get blogger to load any photos to my post......argh!

I am going to figure out this problem....hopefully the computer will not be damaged!

In Closing: What technical device or service do you really love? Camera, microwave, alarm clock...what? Share, please.....


Lorraine said...

...has to be my digital camera (and the internet....otherwise I wouldn't have met all the great people I have in blogland!)...

Kris said...

Interesting question. We are on holidays at the moment and I can't believe how much technology we have plugged in in our tent! So I would have to say, EVERYTHING!