Thursday, August 14, 2008

Davis County Fair

Hubby and I went to the Davis County Fair, where I had entered two quilts. I won first place for my "Devils Gate, Wyoming" journal quilt (pictured below) I got a second place for my "Tree of Paradise" wallhanging (I can't find a photo of it....maybe I don't have one). The quilter who won first place in the wallhanging group did an amazing landscape quilt. I was definitely a distant 2nd place. I had one beef teriyaki kabob and skipped all the other fair food. I really wanted a funnel cake, but forced myself to be a good girl, and that doesn't happen too often, folks! We also saw the lumberjack show. It was okay, but not spectacular. Too many corny jokes and not enough action for me. We had baby Tayge with us. If we ever go to something like that with a baby/small child again, we'll have ear/hearing protection for the baby. My daughter E came by and said the photographer had sent her the photos from their Temple sealing. This photographer was fantastic, and not really costly. When E had her wedding photos done 3 years ago, the photos were okay and very expensive. Even better, this photographer gave her the CD and all copyrights to the photo. If you get a chance, her photo blog is

Check it out...E, her hubby and baby Tayge are the current post. I love the black n' white of Tayge (I think it's the 2nd photo) Once E gets thru the photos, I am going to post some here too

In Closing: Weird question this time...if you had to run out of the house, and never return, beside your family members, what 3 things would you, (1)my memory stick bag with the 3 memory sticks containing 15 years of Family History on them, (2)my photo CD box with all our photos on them and (3)my sewing machine, so I could sew new clothes and quilts for us. How about you?


Gina said...

What beautiful photos they had taken.

I love the quilt and well done on the fair results.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kris said...

Hi Suzanne

I love that journal quilt! A well deserved win. I hope I can make something half as nice as part of your challenge! It sounds as though you had a great day.

Kris said...

Oh! And I'm not organised enough to take anything if I had to leave my house in a hurry. (I know, a terrible thing to have to admit to!) I remember a neighbour's house burning down when I was very young. My mother took the children to our home to sleep for the rest of the night and she said that their mother had grabbed a tea towel on her way out. I always thought that was weird, but I guess I would be the same in a crisis! (Disorganised!)