Sunday, August 24, 2008

A tradition is about to end!

For 19 years, on the first day of school, I have had a tradition. Myself, and anyone too young to go to school yet, went out to breakfast after my Hubby (a school teacher) and the older kids all went to school. I finally have hit the age where I don't have anyone to walk over to school or give up my car to so they can be cool and drive the first day of High School. I've gone to different restaurants over the years, but McDonald's (vintage picture below) has been a mainstay over the years T is going to the DATC for a nail tech class, starting tomorrow, and Hubby reports to seven classes of tech students at West Point Jr High (pictured below) tomorrow. Grandbaby T and I will just have to hang out in the sewing room, or something!
I have narrowed down (I think) my journal quilt pattern for September to one of the two nature views shown below. The first one is Antelope Island, which I live just off shore of, and the second photo is Arrow Lake....I just can't decide! I better hurry though, because the challenge starts soon!

In Closing:Do you have a back to school tradition with your children or grandchildren? New haircuts, book bags, book you read....what?...share, please


Gina said...

Beautiful photos. My vote goes for the second one.

I haven't settled on a pic yet. I'll get there eventually

Love and hugs Gina xxx

steele life said...

hey, we are setting up a new private blog in addition to our other one for family only so we can talk about our sensitive stuff, like the temple and stuff. i sent you an email, be sure to sign up so you can read our happenings!