Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where did Spring go?

We had wonderfully warm temps for a few days......now it is snowing again! Argh!!!!!!

I went online to Quilting Arts TV and printed out some instructions for a couple of techniques I would like to try. The show itself is so-so, but I do enjoy that they show at least one new technique each week that I have not tried yet. I printed out ideas for using paintstik and a purse made of one square of fabric. I made the smallest purse today...good size for a small child.

We celebrated V's 18th birthday last night. We go as a family out to dinnner (birthday person's choice) the Monday before the b-day. V picked Applebees. The group included me, Hubby, V, daughter E & her hubby B with baby Tayge, V's best friend C & V's boyfriend N. N's birthday was just last week, so we celebrated his 21st b-day too. I just sat at the table and watched everyone gabbing. I think we had 2-3 conversations going at the same time almost all the way through dinner. I've got a good looking family!

V and I are going shopping to get the material for her prom dress. She picked out a little purple satin. Her best friend C had just picked up her dress when we went to dinner....bright pink with a shawl jacket. They are looking for another boy for their friend, then they will have 4 couples to all go to dinner and the dance together. Cotillion is the last dance of the year, and only for Seniors at the school, so V is (hopefully)going to go with just the girls.

I tried making a ATC (Artist Trading Card) today. I have been asked to be in a few ATC exchanges, but have always opted out. I have been thinking about one exchange that has a Shakespeare theme. The card I made is my version of "Romeo & Juliet". I am still not sure I want to do it....gonna give it some more thought.

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JUST A MOM said...

ok I am caught up now,,, Happy Bday ot all. surfing wow never tryed tha tubt I have water skied now THAT was the bomb in my day.