Friday, April 25, 2008

The dress is done, so this weekend..

I can do something else!! So many choices!

V's dress is very cute. I'll have photo's tomorrow when they attend the actual prom. V is very creative with her sewing. She has been in my sewingroom since she could crawl, so maybe some magical sewing fairy has influenced her for the good all these years. She finds a pattern for a basic dress, then goes from there. Her prom dress is a retro 1950-1960's look. The pattern is a strapless fitted bodice with a pleated skirt that goes just below the knee. She added straps that are trimmed with ribbon that she also used in a belt. I did the zipper (badly) since she doesn't do zippers. She is alot more advanced in her sewing ability then I was at 18 years old. My Mom was a supreme seamstress, so I never had much need to do it myself if Mom could do it faster, easier and better. It is definitely prom season on the blogs....over at dressaday and quiltswithlove both have posts about creating prom dresses.

We made our annual trip to J & J Nursery last night for veggie garden plants. We start alot from seeds each Spring ourselves, but some plants don't do well that way in our area, so it's easier to buy plants. We got tomatoes, peppers(sweet & hot & call 911!), zucchini, cucumbers, and pumpkins. We are also going to try cantaloupe and watermelon this Summer. I picked up 6 new herbs to add to my kitchen herbs. It's still freezing at night, so the plants go out on the porch during the day and back in the house during the night. Izzy the cat has attacked a couple plants for fun.....bad kitty!

I have continued the indexing for the Family History project online. We had a new assighment come out today......letters and documents for the Freeman Project. Some of these records will be the only records some African American searchers will ever have to follow their trail back to their own ancestors. There are all sorts of records, so when I sign on to index them, I never know if I am going to be looking at a land record, or a marriage record, or a death record. We are trying to have everything indexed and double checked for publishing to the internet by June. Lots of work to do!

Happy weekend!

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