Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quilt meeting today

B-17 in flight

I am headed out to quilt meeting in a few minutes. I have my 2nd row of the vintage quilt along with my MIL quilt top (not quilted...yet) to share in show n' tell. I am looking forward to the meeting today. I need something quilty to get me going again.

I have kept at the indexing. Currently, the Irish birth records for 1944. Still the usual names, except a new girls name has shown up that was extremely popular....Carmel. Ever hear of it? Me either! These records were right at the end of World War II....was Carmel a favorite actress or something/someone to do with the War? It's very time consuming indexing these birth records...each record of 2 pages/2 columns each page is about 300-500 names. A lot more reading than the average 100 names in the USA Census records.

I really enjoyed watching General Conference (Church)on TV Saturday and Sunday. I especially liked a talk about being a young mother. Now, I am very far from a young mother, but the advice to any mother was good....the idea that you have these little spirits for such a short time and you need to make every moment count, but you need to also take care of your own physical/emotional/spiritual needs or you won't be any good to anyone!

Between conference sessions on Saturday Hubby and I went to the Hill Air Force Base air museum and Roy city museum. I had been to the air museum before ( a long time ago) but not the Roy museum. Both were very interesting. Growing up with a Dad who designed and flew bomber airplanes, it was interesting to look at the results of some of his labors. The museum had a B-17, which he flew and a B-1 which he helped design. The Roy museum was a fun little city museum. They had 3 quilts that I tried to photograph, but the quilts had plastic over them for protection that showed shiny in the photos.

I got the receiving blankets and burp clothes made for the baby shower that V went too. Mommy to be sent a verbal thank you for the cute fireman blanket. I also made a block for the retiring President of the Utah Quilt Guild....very easy block in tropicals and white. I used the scraps from an old lavalava (skirt type clothing worn in Samoa) I had left over from when I was a kid in Western Samoa. I fussy cut out the words "Talofa" and "Samoa" for the block-Talofa means hello/love you/welcome...kind of like Aloha. I also cleaned out my closet in the sewing studio...very scary! I was going to try and get another service quilt finished for the Cancer project, but it didn't happen. Oh well, there is always next month!

What are your doing in your quilting World?

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JUST A MOM said...

I am sorry for your friends family. I am so upset everytime it is made aware to me AGAIN AND AGAIN is the chidlren. Religion (for me)does not matter on this. it is just the "IT" is what is happening. drives me nuts!!

enjoy your quilting,,,,