Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend, here I come!

Natural Arch in Southern Utah
Partition Arch in Utah-Photo by Roger Beau

I felt like sharing some photo's of Southern Utah. The red rock formations and arches are especially beautiful in the Winter with the red colored rocks peeking out beneath the snow. The Summers are EXTEMELY hot.....usually 100 plus degrees. I have a large file of various photos for future journal quilts I would like to do with a red rock theme.

I received the directions for the 3rd row of my vintage quilt.....appliqued umbrellas. Our quilt meeting was good.....lots of show and tell and a nice trunk show. We passed out the 4-patch flannel blocks that were made last month. We have enough for 6 donation quilts for Quilts4Cancer. Next month, we are having speakers come and talk about sewing/quilting room organization.

I finished quilting a flannel quilt that I am going to donate to charity. My flannel leftovers from years of Christmas PJ's were threatening to take over the whole room. I cut the scraps into 3, 4, 6, or 12 inch 3 inch squares or 4 by 12 inch rectangles. I started with the largest pieces and did a queen top of all 12 inch blocks. Next, I still had a few 12 inch blocks left, to which I added the 4 and 6 inch pieces together. I ended up with 3 tops in "girl" colors. Eventually I'll do the "boy" quilts too.

I enjoyed my sewing machine class last night...sort of! It was the 2nd of two classes that came with the new Viking Sapphire 830 machine Hubby bought me for Christmas. The first class was very basic. This class was more on the added/extra features of decorative/other options the machine could do. I ended up being assisted by a new employee who was learning how to teach the class, but she sat almost in my lap and kept trying to program my machine. I finally had to say something (nicely) about needing to do it myself if I was going to learn. She finally walked away and started doing inventory. Carol, the head teacher, realized it wasn't a good class for me and said to come back in sometime and she would help me.

I think I'll do the quiltathon this weekend with Judy at Patchwork many projects, so little time!


JUST A MOM said...

Beautiful rocks but I have to say growing up in the east I so miss the green. I am a hands on learner my self. Hope you have a great weekend

Vivian Love said...

Beautiful pics. I've never been to that part of Utah. Thanks for visiting my blog...I enjoyed your post about Bishop Hooker, etc! Funny!

I'm sorry I didn't have time to visit any quilt shops while in Utah. My daughter tells me there's a nice one in Brigham City. ...maybe on another trip I'll get to visit some shops.

Have a great weekend!

JUST A MOM said...