Friday, April 4, 2008

What a week!

I got looking at my blog and realized it had been a few days of no posting...the days have been just flying by this week.

I got involved in a few new postcard exchanges: Things with feathers, Springtime, Critters and Museum art postcards. This week I 've gotten cards from all parts of the USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. The best card? The one from my niece J and her family in the Azores (South of Portugal).

When last I posted I was taking dinner to the new three. It went great. We had baked chicken with onions, cold mustard potato salad, brown rice done in a chicken stock with mushrooms, rolls, tropical jello salad with mandarin oranges, pineapple and raspberries(from my vines), plus a couple of veggies. For dessert....E's cobbler. Her MIL loved the dinner and not having to cook for a change....said we should do this once a week! I had planned to steal baby Tayge, but he had a meal of his own in mind, so E spent most of dinner nursing in the other room. It sure was hard to go home. I just didn't get enough baby/grandma time!

I have not sewn for an entire week....very strange! I am going to make a couple of receiving blankets for a baby shower tomorrow-another boy. My sewing room is so clean, I almost hate to destroy it!

I have done alot of indexing for the Family History program this week. The project did a major computer upgrade on Tuesday, and now it is even easier/faster to index. The 1905 Wisconsin Census is finished, so now I am doing the Irish 1945-1958 death index. The most common names: Boys-Thomas, Michael, Patrick and James....Girls:Mary, Margaret, Bridgit, and Ann/Anne/Annie/Anna.

On to the sewing room.........

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JUST A MOM said...

Glad you got ot see the baby anyway,, and Bridgit boy that one is a bit odd to see. have a great weekend