Monday, October 31, 2011

Last post for Blogtober

I signed up for the Blogtober project:
Post everyday for the month of October.
I did 27 out of 31 posts...pretty good for me!

Tonight, I end this month long project with
a bunch of Halloween photos from my
daughters home. She LOVES Halloween!

They carve about 20 different pumpkins each year

A cemetery, complete with
fog machines,
and graves,
and talking heads
(my grandson wasn't too sure about this one)
Mr. Bones!
Thanks for stopping by....goodnight!


Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fabric Stash Report

I missed making a report last week
as I was driving back from Colorado.

Fabric in this week: 5 yards
Fabric in YTD: 46 yards

Fabric used this week: 5 yards
Fabric used YTD: 128 yards

Adjusted numbers: 82 yards

I am so close...yet so far away
from my goal of 100 yards!
I had to purchase flannel for 2 charity
baby quilts for the first time in 2 years!

Goals for this week:

Make and Create

Start on Art journal
Sew/something sewing related 15 minutes per day
Make baby carrier cover for Baby E

Health and Weight

Plan out weekly dinner menu-post on fridge
Shop with a list and coupons
No eating out for the week..only homemade

How are you doing on your goals?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gesso or Modge Podge

Fabric I know about...

Gesso and
Modge Podge..I don't know!

What is the difference?

I took a couple of quilt art classes in September
and the teacher said she used Gesso.

I want to do a art journal project
where I will be applying
various magazine cutouts to a
cardboard journal cover.
The teacher says use Modge or Gesso.

I need help!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spices and Expiration dates

I am on a cleaning binge.
I know, I know...completely unexpected of me!

My spice cabinet/baking shelves

are a disaster,

but no more!

Top shelf: Baking decorating items plus extra salt & pepper
Mid shelf: Small spice bottles plus baking items
Low shelf: Large spice bottle plus frequently used items

I made a list of what I had and what I needed
The list will be posted on the inside of the cabinet door.

Spices...expiration dates...
Do you throw out your spices at the ex date,
or do you use them a little bit longer?
I don't think expired spices would make you sick
(would they?)
They just wouldn't be at full flavor...right?

What do you do?

1st Grade crazy Hair Day!

My Grand Daughter, Miss K!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rocky Mountain High!

We spent a couple of days in Colorado
during our mini vacation.

I have on my Life Bucket list
to visit all the USA National Parks.
We went to Rocky Mountain Park on this trip.

The Park has large herds of Elk and Deer.

We also discovered a little rabbit called a Pika

So cute!

The drive thru the Park was beautiful!

The trees were bursting with Fall colors.
After mountain drives and beautiful scenery,

we went to Colorado Springs.
My husband is a Harley Davidson man,
so we always stop at the cycle store.

We enjoyed exploring the Manitou Cliff  Dwellings.
The Indians built a community and lived here for hundreds of years,
until a 26 year water drought
forced them to leave.

Beehive oven where they baked their bread.

Colorado is so beautiful!

I can't wait to go back again...soon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where the bison and antelope roam...

Husband and I took a quick 4 day vacation
while he was off from school teaching.

We drove to Colorado to see
family and friends and sights!

Some of the photos in this post are not mine.
Problems with the camera.

Thursday on the way to Colorado,
and Sunday on the way home,
we went thru Wyoming!

Lots of open space with fields
and wind mills
(they generate electricity)

and antelope

and some Bison

Hwy 80 is the fastest way to get to Colorado,
but it is sure a LONG and kind of BORING
way to drive.
Just glad we didn't have to deal with snow!

Next post...Colorado adventures!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The students need your help

A friend of a friend in blogland
needs help with a project for her students

They want to collect postcards
from all over the World for a Geography project.

Can you help?

Here is the Address Link to send your card to the kids.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shades of Fall

I love the colors of Fall!

Monday, October 17, 2011

How I spent my Monday...

Babysitting Miss M

There's nothing better than
snuggling a grand baby!

Pure Heaven on Earth!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love British TV

I am not a big TV watcher.
But...recently I discovered NetFlix TV.
I like to turn it on and watch/listen while I sew.
And I have discovered I like alot of British TV shows.

Some of my current favorites
(tho in the UK they are years old and in reruns)

Midsomer Murders
Like the main characters,
except the wife of the main investigator...
she's a little fragile and weak.

A Touch of Frost.
He's such a flawed character,
but that's what makes him all that more interesting.

Waking the Dead
Kind of like American TV's CSI series,
but with a different twist.
I was sad when they killed off the girl investigator.

And when I have had enough death and police chases...

The IT Crowd.
Completely silly and funny.
I still laugh about the shoe shopping episode.
I've done the same thing for gorgeous shoes!

I think I'll go turn on the TV!

Catching up on my posts

I've missed posting the last 3 days....sorry!

For those who asked...

Here's how the newly painted shutters look.

Front porch

Front of the house
(should have moved the ladder)

I forgot to take a photo of the door...

Now on to the yard work.....

Fabric stash busting report

I can almost see my goal in sight.
Just a few more yards...
A quilt or two...
or some Christmas dresses for the Granddaughters....

Yards in this week: 0 yards
Yards in YTD: 41 yards

Yards out this week: 1 yard
Yards out YTD: 123 yards

Adjusted number: 82 yards of a 100 yard goal.

Goals for this week-

Health & Weight:

Pack healthy snack for car trip
Make healthy restaurant choices during car trip
Organize recipes at home

Sew & Create:

Finish girl baby shower gift
Sew something just for fun
Pack take-along project for car trip

How are you doing with your life goals?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why is sugar so good?

I have been battling some health problems
for the last few months.
Changes in my diet have helped me feel better.

Unfortunately, sugar is on my
no-no, never to eat again list.

This has been very difficult for me,
as I am a sugar, love, love it!

I have definitely felt better with each passing week
of consuming less and less sugary treats.

Today, I decided I just had to have a little something.

A little chocolate....

Was it worth it?

Not really...I have a raging headache now,
but for a few brief minutes...
it was Heaven!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I sewed today....happy dance!

I signed up for the
then forgot I had planned to do it.

Yesterday was the first day of the challenge...


Today, I made a Granddaughter dress.

(back of dress)

I tried it on Miss E today,

but it was too big...maybe in a couple of months!

Headed back into the sewing room.
Or maybe I'll crochet some new winter beanies!

Monday, October 10, 2011

An average Monday in my Life!

It's only the 10th of the month....
A month I made a commitment to post
each and every day and I am already
stuck for interesting themes and subjects.

So, today's post is about a
average Monday in my life.

First I get up and then I....

Okay...let's just hit the highlights, shall we?

When I have a little extra cash,
I go to the Monday morning sale at Savers
(Savers is a second hand store operated for charities)

Today's winning purchases included
some clothes for the Grands,

kitchen glass bowls,
and the best purchase.....

a turkey platter for 99 cents!

Next...onto the fabric store with coupons in hand!

I picked up the last skein of white/blue yarn
to finish crocheting a baby blanket.

2 skeins of a burgundy/tan yarn just because I liked it!

(bad phone camera photo...color is much nicer in person)

After a quick stop at the Grocery store to find a pumpkin

I headed home to do dishes and laundry.

I ended up with one extra load of laundry....

Boomer the Cat has had a swollen spot
above his left shoulder for a couple of days.
Today, it broke open....all over my bed!

My red quilt has now had it's first washing!
(and Boomer has been doctored)

Exciting day? No, not really,
but I enjoy my life...
Turkey platters and washed quilts and all!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fabric stash report

No changes...again!
I still have a nasty cough
(going on 2 weeks now)
so fun things like sewing get back-seated
to just enough energy for cooking/cleaning/have-to's!

I am still following my to-do list tho, so...

Goals for 10-16 Oct:

Make & Create:

Get in the sewing room and DO something!
Keep working on brown crochet scarf
Finish Sept bird block

Health & Weight:

Stick to no eating out goal
Up water consumption
Print daily food diary sheets-keep journal

How is your stash busting going?

Who is Minou?

Posting each day here on my blog
during the month of October has been fun,
but I have also become more aware of
needing subjects and themes for many posting.

I read over at supermom-no cape how
she came by the name of her blog, so
I thought I would share the same here.

My blog was named for a cat.
A cat named Minou.

Minou was a chocolate brown Siamese
that came into our families life at the right time.
We went to our local animal shelter
and that's where we found her...Miss Minou.

My brother, D, who speaks french fluently,
named her for us.
When I first started blogging,
she would come and sit on my lap as I typed.
It was our quiet time together.

We had her as part of our family for 18 years.

Minou's Minute!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The next generation!

My friend made a comment the other day
about how I must have all this spare time
now that my Husband and I are nearly empty Nester's.

Really? Hhhmmm....
I have a confession to make...

I like my kids,
and grand kids,
and all the noise,
and mayhem,
and mess...


I babysit!

One morning a week I have my
oldest daughters children...
T, who is 3.5 years old and

his sister E, who is 5 months old.

My daughter is Super Woman, who
works a 40 plus hour week,
is finishing out her college degree
and is building a house all at the same time!

(here she is playing with the baby
while her toddler takes a nap on her.
Very good multitasker!)

Yes, the secret is out...
I am Super Woman's Mom!