Friday, October 28, 2011

Gesso or Modge Podge

Fabric I know about...

Gesso and
Modge Podge..I don't know!

What is the difference?

I took a couple of quilt art classes in September
and the teacher said she used Gesso.

I want to do a art journal project
where I will be applying
various magazine cutouts to a
cardboard journal cover.
The teacher says use Modge or Gesso.

I need help!


Lynne Williams said...

Gesso is traditionally used to prepare a canvas for painting and does a great job of filling in and smoothing out the texture of the canvas.

Mod Podge is basically a white glue thinned out(yes you can make your own) which glues yours items down and creates a kind of varnish at the same time.

I had not heard of using Gesso as Mod podge before, but would try it if I had it on hand....

If you don't have either one purchase the cheaper of the two. If you have white glue on hand experiment with thinning it with a little water and use that:)

Mod Podge Amy said...

Mod Podge is actually way more than white glue - it's stronger, and it has a sealer built into it. I've never heard of Gesso being able to glue things down and seal them - I've used it to prepare canvases though!