Monday, October 3, 2011

Green shutters

Today is suppose to be out last warm day in the 80's,
so I decided I better get one last outside project done.

We've been in our home for quite a few years,
and the shutters needed painting.

My husband took them down before leaving for work,
and found a surprise...

Many, many wasp nests.
A whole community had built behind the shutters.

These are the shutters before painting....

The old color was a faded greenish gray.
The new color is more of a light pine tree green.

I am hoping to get the front door painted
tomorrow, if the weather will cooperate!


Kris said...

Gosh, that would have been a surprise! Hope the weather holds out for you. Can't wait to see the newly painted shutters!

Lynne Williams said...

We recently discovered a Wasps nest on the back of our house the size of a large joke. Glad to hear your husband was not hurt in the discovery.

Doesn't it just feel great to get those kind of projects done? Hope your weather cooperates.