Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who is Minou?

Posting each day here on my blog
during the month of October has been fun,
but I have also become more aware of
needing subjects and themes for many posting.

I read over at supermom-no cape how
she came by the name of her blog, so
I thought I would share the same here.

My blog was named for a cat.
A cat named Minou.

Minou was a chocolate brown Siamese
that came into our families life at the right time.
We went to our local animal shelter
and that's where we found her...Miss Minou.

My brother, D, who speaks french fluently,
named her for us.
When I first started blogging,
she would come and sit on my lap as I typed.
It was our quiet time together.

We had her as part of our family for 18 years.

Minou's Minute!

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