Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer...

...I will miss you!

Goodbye BBQ's and outdoor parties.
Goodbye to sleeping with the windows open.
Goodbye to camping and S'mores by the fire.
Goodbye to garden fresh veggies picked 5 minutes ago.
Goodbye to sandal wearing weather!

I will miss you (for the next 7 months!)

Today: 65 degrees and rain showers
Tomorrow: 45 degrees and snow!

I need a warm weather vacation!


Kris said...

We are saying goodbye to winter and I am so sad! Of course, we just have a mild winter and I sometimes wore sandals, and cooked on the BBQ occassionaly. Not looking forward to summer!

Lynne Williams said...

I do feel your pain..well because I too experience long winter and oh to short summers. I would much prefer living somewhere that had 7 months of summer and 2 of winter...oh well. Maybe we should spend our winters sewing for summer?