Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The past is reflected in my present

I have been thinking about my goals for 2010, including what I want to do in terms of sewing/quilting/clothing/creating with fabric. I've been thinking about the past alot with everything that is happening with my Dad losing his memories.
I do some of my best thinking and planning when I am in the water....soaking in the tub....standing in the shower....sailing on the Lake. While soaking the other night, I decided that I needed to put down some of my feelings and memories and thoughts into some kind of semi-permanent creation of fabric.
One of my memories is when I lived in Pesega, Western Samoa. My brother was a teacher at CCWS (Church College of Western Samoa) and I lived with him and his familyand attended High School. Below is a photo, another one I "borrowed" from my sister-in-laws FaceBook page, of my parents, my brother, his wife, their two kids (aren't the cute!) and me (white dress & the big 1970's permed hair!). It was a time in my life where I went thru some real extreme experiences that were either super good/wonderful/uplifting or very bad/sad/depressing...hey, I was a teenager, what can I say!
I have some great plans to document that Samoa time in fabric, so....for 2010, I am going to do a year of project to
"Remember the Past that brought me to this Present"
Monthly, I am going to do a journal quilt (8.5" by 11")to preserve my memories. I don't think I will work from birth on, but just take it month by month as I feel inspired.
I am also going to make fabric bird ornaments for a future Christmas Tree. The plan is to have a little bird for each year of my married life made out of things that represent important events of that year with the year embroidered on it.
I also plan to work on specific projects each month...example:2-3 birds per month, plus one journal quilt.
I am feeling really ready for this upcoming about you?


Kris said...

I like this post! 2009 has flown by so quickly I feel that if I don't catch hold of 2010 tightly it will be over before I know it! I am still pondering my goals, but I appreciate your fine example!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Memories are some of the best presents someone can leave! How many times have you thought "I wish I had remembered to ask them that/write it down so I could tell the younger generation". My dad is almost 90yo and his memory is very good, and his health isn't too bad either. I appreciate it every time I see/talk to him. He only lives three blocks from me. He often stops over to see me as he doesn't hear on the phone real well--LOL!