Monday, November 16, 2009

A busy weekend...

...for my Hubby!
I spent the weekend with a cold and sore throat. Except a quick trip to the Library for new books and DVD's, I didn't leave the house from Friday to today.
We had all these plans for things to get done....poor Hubby of mine....he went on without me! First, he painted the guest's been yellowish for a few years, which I liked, but he didn't, so now....
It's a grey...unfortunately the photo looks purplish, but trust me, it's a light grey. Our daughter says it's a lot more calming then the former Yellow

I had cleaned my studio this last week. The fun things you discover in the piles! I didn't know I had SO MANY projects left unfinished. I reorganized my "current project" basket with Christmas projects/gifts so I can get to them and get them finished in time. Mostly, on top, you can see some of the monthly pillowcases I am doing for my granddaughters.(I don't think my ex-daughter-in-law reads this blog, so I can post that).
Are you ready for the Holidays....I'm not, but I'm trying!

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