Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabric stashbusting report

Fabric in YTD: 80 yards

Fabric used YTD: 149 yards

I actually did a little Christmas sewing yesterday! Yeah!!!


spinningstar said...

You are doing great!

I saw your post on setting the goals for next year - I also did that in today's post.

Since your Dad is moving, may I suggest making a photo album & you could include names of the people who will be visiting him. When my mom was sick, bringing in a small album of recent pictures of her having fun perked her up and it also helped the nurses seeing her as a person.

My prayers are with your family since it was a hard decision to make.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Christmas sewing? What did you make??

Suzanne said...

I'm afraid I can't tell what Christmas sewing I'm kids read my blog (occassionally!)

Dianne B. in England said...

Maybe you can show us after Christmas? I'd like to see, too! :)