Sunday, November 29, 2009

A finish and more WIP's

I've noticed that many of the quilters on the blogs are listing and showing their WIP's and/or UFO's. I recently cleaned out my studio and found many of my own WIP's and UFO's...I think they multiple like rabbits when I'm not in the room...did I really begin all these projects?
Here is my next WIP on this list for quilting. I took a fabric dyeing class a couple of years and did about a dozen small samples. This is one of my stamp samples. I finished this stamp sample from the same class this week. I tried quilting it about a year ago, but didn't like the results and picked out all the thread. I decided to just do it this time and live with can't all be perfect, right?
I'm going to start photographing and listing my projects that I want to finish in 2010

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