Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly fabric stash report


Will be teaching a fabric painting class on Tuesday.

We are on Baby Watch...already made a trip
to Labor and Delivery, but got sent home.
Daughter V is a little tired of being pregnant.

Hopefully this baby comes soon...

For your viewing pleasure,

A photo of my other granddaughter
born a little over a month ago.
Yes, she is gorgeous!

How are you doing?


SpinningStar said...

What a cutie!

My neighbor is on bed rest at the moment, so there are a couple of us in the area that are on the emergency call list in case she needs to get to the hospital fast.

Mrs. Exeter said...

Poor daughter V - I do sympathise. Not much longer now I hope, and your little smasher can meet her new cousin! xxx

Tamara said...

our next grandbaby is going to be c section on the 22nd. (then another one in august!)tell her to hang in there.... shes doing a great job!

Kris said...

We have 6 weeks to go till our daughter is due with her third. She is visiting here this weekend. (We moved 750ish km away!) We wont be on call for the little ones (another daughter will do that, she's closer!) but will be raring to get in the car and drive to see their new little one. It's exciting for sure! Good luck V, hope it happens soon! (I always maintain that the last few weeks are the worst!)

Erica said...

She's doing a great job! What a cutie!

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