Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage fashion of World War 2

I went with my Husband last week for a mini vacation.
He went to a teachers conference for 2 days.
I had a fun adventure of shopping and museums for 2 days.

I attended the World War 2 exhibit at the
The exhibit was primarily made up of posters
and graphics used during the War to recruit soldiers

and remind the public what was needed to run the War.

They also included fashions made of the time period.

Interesting waist accents...

I wish more detail came out in this photo.
There are side pockets with little button details that looked great!

Another stunning wedding dress!

Close up of the lace detail...but what is the lace made of?
Wheat! Woven wheat that was painted white...amazing!

As I was leaving, I snapped a photo of these creative Palm Trees.
Shiny, sharp cut metal...signs all the up the staircase
reminded you to NOT touch the palm trees.

I love museums!

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