Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilters are amazing people

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 Joplin, Missouri..... was our first trip there since the May 22 tornado. I’ll do a separate post with photos but I took the quilts that have come in so far. I thought I could drive through the neighborhoods and find people who needed them but you just can’t believe what the neighborhoods look like. There is so much devastation and just not many people around. It was a struggle to find people in the neighborhoods who weren’t cleanup folks.
 I had 12 quilts to give out.
When I walked up to the people, I asked them if that had been there home. I didn’t want to give a quilt to a looter! But, I guess if I were a looter and someone who wasn’t a policeman asked me if that was my home, I’d probably say yes too but . . no one looked like a looter to me. They all looked tired and sad. When I asked them if they could use a quilt that was sent to let those in Joplin know that quilters all around the country cared about them, almost every one of them said “Oh, it’s so beautiful . . but there are others who need it so much more than I do!” I insisted they take it and I got several sweaty hugs! Thank you all . . I’m sure we made the days brighter for the recipients.
The first quilt I gave out when to Eddie. I didn’t ask the others if I could take their pictures but I did ask Eddie.
Eddie is the old guy who runs . . maybe owns . . our favorite sushi restaurant. We told him we were so glad the restaurant was ok. He said yes, he was glad too but he lost his home and everything in it and was lucky to have survived the tornado. He said he was staying with friends and it was really hard. When he walked away, Chad said “Mom, did you hear the sadness in his voice?” We had not yet begun giving out quilts and I said . . A quilt! For Eddie! So when we were finished eating, I went to the car and got him this quilt. When he brought our ticket, I told him I had something for him. He kept saying .. “No, No! I’m going to be ok!” I told him that we wanted him to have it . . that my friends had sent quilts for those who had lost everything and we just wanted him to know that those of us who can’t help in any other way, wanted to share our quilts.” He was so happy! When I took his picture, I was saying “Smile, Eddie!” He said “I can’t smile . . I’m about to cry!” He followed me out to the car thanking me so thank you all . . those who sent money to whatever organization, those who donated quilts or quilt supplies . . those who have prayed . . thank you all . . from Eddie!

I am so proud of the sewing community...
Way to go people!

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