Thursday, September 9, 2010

Utah State Fair 2010...did I win a ribbon?

I went with my friend T to the
Utah State Fair today.
I haven't been to the fair in years.
I was so excited to go to see if
I won a ribbon in the quilt competition.

the animal exhibits/competitions:

We went to see the pigeon displays.
I like birds, and pigeons are birds,
but I usual relate pigeons to messy bird droppings
on my car.
These pigeons were beautiful!

I like this ones curly soft!
This one would tip back and it's head would almost disappear.
I got this photo when it leaned forward again-instant umbrella!
This one had it own high collar-very pretty!
The sheep had just begun to be delivered from the farms...very noisy!
All the piggies were asleep...some were snoring!

We moved onto the home and creative arts buildings.

This is my froggy quilt! The official title is
"Hopping in the Big Pond of Life"
The picture is not the greatest, but I did win....
3rd place in the
Advanced quilter-small quilt division.
I was pretty excited!

Other displays were hand dyed yarns, which were absolutely beautiful, plus

Costuming...didn't know about this sewing division.
Maybe I'll enter that division next year!
One last close up photo of one of my frog blocks!

I had a wonderful day-
walked about 5 miles-
ate part of a funnel cake, some apple chips
(with caramel, of course) and a large Taco salad!

It was a lovely day!


Kris said...

Oh wow! We are having our State Fair at the moment too. (Well, it's called the Royal Adelaide Show, but it's the same thing!) My kids went yesterday and one of my daughters was telling me about the curly feathered pigeons on display! However, I didn't enter any competitions! Congrats on the win!!!

Marianne said...

Hello from a fellow Utahn! I found you as I went blog-hopping and I love you frog quilt! I'm going to the fair next week and I'll have to look for it. I've gotten into quilting this year- working on making pieced quilts for each of my 5 kids and their spouses for Christmas. I'm on quilt top number 4, but I still have to put them all together! Congrats on the ribbon!
Have a great day!