Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash Busting Report

I've been concentrating more on
cleaning my sewing room then sewing in it!

My numbers stay the same this week-

Fabric used YTD: 89 yards
Fabric use out of stash YTD: 58 yards

Still have a long way to go to meet
my 2010 goal of 100 yards.
Hopefully Christmas projects will
make up the low numbers!

Goals for 13-19 September

Make & Create:

Finish cleaning out scrap box-cut & throw away
Organize UFO pile
Keep crocheting ribbon scarf

Health & Weight:

Gym/pool 4 times this week
Text J every evening with numbers
Walk everyday Mon-Fri

Hope you have a great week!


Tamera said...

Good luck on your goals for the week.

SpinningStar said...

Cleaning up the quilting room is important since for some of us having a messy room slows the creative process. And, when i finished cutting up the scraps, it was so satisfying.

Beautiful shawl - I also love the colors. And, congrats on the state fair ribbon!


Kathie said...

Once the cleaning is done hopefully you can get lots done since you will be so organized.


Lori said...

sometimes I miss going to state fair. SOMETIMES!! pigs snoring--yes, they do! the pidgeons--going thru those exhibits was always fun. I usually spent a week at fair, and knew the people who oversaw the poultry barn. Need eggs for breakfast--run over there quick and get some--fresh that morning!