Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Journal Challenge-want to join me?

I want to do a journal quilt (8.5 X 11 inch block) challenge, and I want you to join me!
The Theme will be nature...tree's, plants, bugs...whatever is you vision of nature.
The challenge will run September 1st to November 30th...one block per month for 3 months
(Above-vacation journals by Marilyn Rose)
(Below-another inspiring journal quilt...do not know who made it though)

Each month, the sub-theme will be:

September:Nature-your view

October-Nature-your favorite seasonal view

November-Nature-up close view

Okay quilters, who's with me? I have done journal quilts in the past and really like them because:

1.They are small and manageable to do

2.They can be as simple or elaborate as you want

3.They are your own design, so no one can say you did something incorrect...how do they know you didn't plan it that way?

The challenge only includes completing the top...quilting it is great, but not mandatory.

Please let me know if you would like to join by leaving a comment or e-mailing me at


In Closing:Nature...what visuals does that word bring up for you? Me...trees...I love all kinds of trees. In fact, that is going to be the theme for my journal quilts. What about you?


Lorraine said...

looks very interesting....these would be well outside my comfort zone...but what the hey....I will email you and give it a go.....

Gina said...

I'll have a go. I need to make the move into more Arty quilts. Perhaps this will be the inspiration.

Love andhugs Gina xxx

Kris said...

I think this would be fun too! I'll email you

Kaylene said...

It's tempting to do my own little photography thing like this. Maybe I could have them printed on cloth? LOL! ;) I think yours are a LOT prettier than that would be...

lej619 said...

is it to late to join the challenge?

牛五花Orange said...

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