Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

I had a great Saturday of lots of activities with my Hubby...I love Summer!

We started by dropping off two quilts to our City Quilt show Saturday morning. This is the first year they have done a quilt/handicraft show as part of our city days. I put in my Devils Gate (Wyoming) block pictured above, plus another landscape quilt of a Lighthouse (I don't have a photo of) The group doing doing the quilt show had never done a show before and had planned to drape the quilts over boxes and on the floor. I suggested most quilters would prefer to have them off the floor. They put up long tables in rows, with metal chairs on top of the table, then draped the quilts over the chairs. The quilts were are eye level and not on the floor.
Next we drove to Logan, where my Hubby's cousins (his mom's side) were having a picnic reunion. We had some great salads, played Phase 10(card game) and visited alot. We had the picnic in Willow Park, which is a very nice area of shade trees right next to the Zoo.

Next, we went to downtown Logan. Above is a photo of the Tabernacle on Main Street. It has been beautifully restored inside...the community holds concerts and other functions inside. It turned out Logan was having a city festival of their own, along with a huge sidewalk sale on Main street. Oh, how I wish I had brought more money!

I went to Red Roosters Quilt shop. They have been in business for about 5 years, with about 1 year at their Main Street location. With the sidewalk sale, everything was at least 20% off. I am doing my guilds 100-9 patch quilt in the Fall in muslin and reds...and did I find reds! I bought 10 FQ's ($1 each), plus scrap rolls that were 4-5 inches wide (50 cent each) $18 dollars I have spent in a long time. I need 3.5 inch squares for the 9-patch, so the 4-5 inch scrap rolls will work great.

Right next door to the Red Rooster is the Bluebird. It is a old fashioned ice cream parlor, with a lunch/dinner service, and a homemade candy counter. My parents use to meet there for ice cream in the 1940's when my dad was doing his military training in Logan. I planned to go in and get some candies, but they were having a private party and were not open....sad!
Lastly, we stopped at Far West at Smith and Edwards. If you are in the area, and have some pocket change and a couple hours to kill, you should stop by S n E. It is one of those stores you just have to experience at least once. It's a cowboy, grocery, hardware, military surplus, odd leftover kind of place. Saturday is the worst crowded time to go, so if you don't like crowds, pick another day. Our purchases...lemon candies (5 cents each), jerky rope (my hubby), small containers for sewing supplies (12 for $1.98), 400 q-tips(99 cents)and metal cooking tongs ($1.49). We looked at the army surplus clothing, but nothing looked great. Hubby looked in the camping/hunting/fishing section, but again couldn't justify purchasing anything.

We are now going to spend a nice quiet Sabbath laying around, reading, blogging then going to Church. I love Sundays!

In Closing:Favorite Summer activities.... Mine-gardening, farmers markets, reading, picnics, hikes, family reunions, festivals/fairs/city celebrations, watermelon and other seasonal fruit, canning(yes, I really do like canning!) and being with my family....what's yours?


Lorraine said...

what a wonderful weekend...and I love the quilt you did....make sure you post a pic of the lighthouse quilt!! My fave summer activity would be just keeping cool....! but I do enjoy the summer fruits and used to preserve (or can) but don't do it anymore....unfortunately....
spending time with family and doing day trips are also things we like to and chips at the beach followed by the moment I am enjoying my favourite time of year and we have been having some winter weather this year which is just fantastic...!

Kris said...

I find it hard to think about summer because it seems so far away for me. We are enjoying winter weather at the moment (Lorraine & I live close to each other) and winter is my favourite season. The past week has been cold, cloudy and rainy. My favourite kind of weather!!! I have been sitting infront of the heater and sewing!

Kris said...

Hi Suzanne!
My daughter found nappy patterns on the net. She ended up making her own pattern (she's talented in that area) and trying it on her baby after he was born. I bought the fabric for the nappies off of the net. We also bought the snap press off the net. Long live the net!!!

Gina said...

Beautiful Quilt.

I'm glad you had a good day with all your family.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Kaylene said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for you too! I'm jealous that you got to go do all of that stuff, how fun!!!