Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm having trouble posting

Ever since I installed Windows Vista, all my posts are messed up...I need my daughter V's computer smart boyfriend to figure out this problem pronto.

I didn't get any sewing and/or quilting done today. I did repair a some PJ bottoms for my SIL...new elastic. I did get my monthly free needles at the sewing machine dealer I purchased my machine from in December. Only two more months of freebies. I picked up some patterns and material over the Memorial Holiday for some Summer outfits for the granddaughters. Hopefully, I'll get the clothes sewn and see the girls before the Fall! I did start to take the inventory on my sewing/quilting items. I started with a three-ring binder with photo's of the room-each wall. I have also began to organize the photo's of the quilts I have made....though I have many quilts out there I never got photos of at the time.

In closing:(I remembered for this post).....favorite place to visit every so often...Antelope Island, here in Utah. I live about 10 miles from it. The island sits in the Great Salt Lake. It is connected to the shore by a nine mile causeway. The lake water has such a high salt content (higher than most oceans) that anyone can float. Just don't open your eyes underwater.....painful! The photo below, by Phil Douglis, is the view I have from shore when the weather is clear.

The island is home to a huge herd of Buffalo. Each Spring, our neighbors go over onto the Island on horseback or on ATV's and help with the Buffalo Roundup. The local vets check the animals for disease or injuries and make sure the herd is healthy. One year, a mommie buffalo died in childbirth, so a baby was left to die. A local man "adopted" it and raised it with his horses and cattle. He taught the buffalo to walk on a lease....they were stars of our city parade every summer for years. After a few years, the buffalo got too large (when was he ever small?) to walk among humans, so he "retired" to a cattle herd. Buffalo can live for a very long time...lots longer than cattle.

I like to go to the the island, because it makes me feel like I am at the ocean, and I REALLY miss living by/visiting the ocean. I grew up until 18 years old never living more than a mile or two away from the pacific ocean. It's hard to get sea water out of your veins!!!!!!

Do you have a favorite place? Why and where? Share on your blog.....


Gina said...

What beautiful photos.

I'm a mountain girl. I can't be away from the mountains for long or I get very down.

love and hugs xxx

JUST A MOM said...

wow that looks beautiful,,, I will have to think of that question and post it tomorrow night....