Sunday, May 4, 2008

I got tagged....thanks E! Four things in each category....this may take a while!
Places I would visit over and over again:

1.Samoa, or any other warm, balmy beach

2.Disneyland-I love that place

3.Any LDS Temple

4.Paris, my favorite city in the World

Favorite foods....only four?

1.Cheesecake, which seems to a favorite among most of the girls

2.Anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate

3.Good mexican food with lots of guacamole

4.Lots of fresh fruit

Movies I would watch over and over:

1.Singing in the Rain-my favorite-I wanted Cyd Charrise legs (pictured above)

2.Any other musical

3.Steel Magnolias

4.Any Jackie Chang movie-come on, they're funny!

Places I'd rather be:

1.Sewing on my Viking Sapphire 830 (pictured above)

2.Bubble bath with a good Suduko puzzle

3.Reading a interesting book

4.Any place with my family and a camera

People I e-mail and are now tagged:

1.Daughter V

2.Tracy...longest known friend


4.Jaye at Just a Mom

Thanks E for the tag!

(photo above of E with granddaughter K playing the piano)


JUST A MOM said...

nice thanks I copied it and will get to it later tonight.... get some rest and maybe a doctor would help

Shelly Ru & Tigger Too! said...

Yay! I will do this! Hey, we already had Cameron and Caitlin spying on us. :D They're enough of a chaperone. Lol.

JUST A MOM said...

I did mine but it was yesterday you will have to scroll down.