Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have been extremely busy, which has shown in the lack of posts!

I went with Hubby and Daughter V to see "Annie get your Gun" at the Hale Theater. My family began to attend Hale shows back when the family theater was still in Southern California. Then they moved to a very small theater in-the-round in a so-so section of Salt Lake. After a few more years and building a very successful following, they built a large fancy theater in a great part of Salt Lake. My parents have always supported the theater, especially musical programs. Annie was great, especially the two leads.

I also went and worked at the QOV booth at the Home Machine Quilter Show. It's the fifth year of the show in Utah, and my first that I have attended. I loved the quilt show and there were many vendors booths I could have spent tons of money at easily. I did purchase some bonding powder for applique with a ironing cloth from a England based company.

The show had a nice display of a quilt made from the Last Supper painting of Jesus and his Disciples. The designer made enlargement copies of the painting until he had a pattern that measured 5 feet by 15 feet. He then pieced it in 1 inch squares....thousands of 1 inch squares. When you got within about 10 feet of it, you could only see the little squares, but when you stepped back to about 20-30 feet, you could see the image. The quilter took nearly a month to complete the quilting. Amazing!

Today is Mother's Day. I hate Mother's Day. Mother's Day of my past was always a day to celebrate my mom. Even after I became a mom, it was still her day. When she died a few years ago, I tried to avoid the day all together, even skipping Church so I wouldn't have to deal with the little flowering plant our Ward gave out to all the Ladies. This year, I just decided to grin and bear it the best I could. My brother M e-mail me a wonderful video he had put together of past family reunions. I am either holding one of my kids or am pregnant with someone thru every video....don't know how I managed that one! It was great to see my parents and grandparents and great aunts/uncles in live motion. My SIL got a box of tissue before we even barely started, knowing I am a big boob! For a day I hate, the video was nice(Thanks M) I got to also hold my grandson for about an hour and see my daughter E house (under construction). They gave me a nursery gift certificate plus some new raspberry plants to replace the ones the fungus got 2 years ago.

Even though I don't like it, I still wish each women "Happy Mommies Day"!!!!!!!!!


Kaylene said...

The movie was beautiful. (((HUGS))) about Grandma. It was so precious to see everyone before I knew them.

JUST A MOM said...

we get to have a girl baby....