Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stash Busting Report

I spent the entire month of
August making (crocheting/knitting)
hats for a family shelter in West Virginia.
Except for the 2 two chairs I recovered,
and hemming a couple pairs of pants,
not alot of sewing has been accomplished.
This month...I am rededicating
myself to sewing. And what an
appropiate month to do it...
National Sewing Month!
August Fabric Totals:
Fabric in YTD: 0 yards
Fabris used during August: 1 yard
Fabric donated during August: 10 yards
Fabric used YTD: 75.5 yards
75.5 yards of my 100 yard 2012 goal...
only 24.5 more yards to go!
What are your sewing plans?


Judy S. said...

Good plan! I need to "attack" all of my stashes! ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog. I've added yours to my reader.

Dee Dee said...

You are doing really well with your goals. Almost 100 yards used, good luck reaching your goal. You are keeping busy, don't know how you could fit in any quilting with all the other other projects you finished last month.