Thursday, August 18, 2011

Davis County Fair ribbons

We made our annual trip to the
Davis County Fair today.

We visited the Bunny Barn

My daughter V tried to figure out how she could bring
one home and hide it in her room from her Father.
She hide a kitten in her room when she was 12
(for about 3 hours..."Do you hear a cat meowing?")
and her Dad let her keep the kitten. bunnies came home....

I always like the tractors...don't know why...I just do!

Here is one of my quilts that won a ribbon.
It's going to be donated to the Happy Chemo charity.
I used up my solid scraps.

This is my quilt that I call "Beary Colorful"
It was made as part of a stashbusting project
I was going to give it away,
but then I really liked it after it was quilted,
so I am keeping it....MINE!

I am learning how to knit
and have picked up crocheting again.
Maybe I will set a goal to enter a
knitted or crocheted project next year instead of a quilt!
Challenge myself!

1 comment:

Lori said...

kids always think they can sneak in the animals. My daughter wanted to take a baby goat home in the car. Like her father wouldn't have noticed!

DH and DD still enjoy fairs. I just remember them as lots of work! (we showed various breeds of livestock) And walking--miles and miles of walking!

Congratulations on the ribbon!