Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm more ways than one...

First, I am back to blog land, after computer problems.

Second, I am back from a mini vacation.
Husband and I decided to go away for a couple of days,
before he has surgery this week.

We went to Salt Lake
to the Family History Library
and spent a Saturday doing Family History/Genealogy research.

I scored and found some great records
that take the research of my bio male people
from 1930's New York State, USA back 11 generations to 1600's England.

Husband didn't do so well.....

We tried a new restaurant called Tuscina Husband brought back leftovers to the Inn!
Biggest calazone I have ever seen...and very yummy!

We stopped by the LDS Church Art Museum
to see the Women's quilt show that just opened this week.

I misplaced the paper I wrote down the quilt names and artist on...
If I find it, I'll add an update.

Beautiful 3-D flowers on this quilt!

I liked this huge children's design wall.
The museum patrons were encouraged to make patterns
and designs of their own.
A colorful visitor that wanted to share our lunch today.
Isn't he gorgeous!

No changes in my fabric stash busting this week.


Mrs. Exeter said...

Wow - these quilts are amazing. I love the roses in the basket. Sounds like a great trip and lots of fun - where did your 1600 English ancestors come from?

Kris said...

What a wonderful exhibition!

Barb said...

Oh my the quilts.