Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fabric Stash report

Same old...same old.

This week I stayed in with my Husband,
who is recovering from surgery.

Did some handiwork and lots of mending.

I will jump back into life again soon...

How did you do?


SpinningStar said...

Hope your hubby continues on with the recovery process - wishing him the best.

I'm still doing ok in the stashbusting though I hit a button so next week will be bad. But, I am looking forward to some fresh stuff to look at!


Melanie said...

Hope your husband is better soon!

Mrs. Exeter said...

I do hope your husband recovers quicky - best wishes to you both. xx

Ann J said...

Hope all goes well with your Husband, Suzanne- take good care both of you !

Luv.....Ann J