Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fabric stashbusting report

Nothing much has changed from last time...

I did some sewing, but nothing is finished,
so I don't feel like I can count it.

Still at about 26 yards of stash fabric
busted out of the 52.5 yards I have used.

I've included a photo of one of my flower blooms
since that's where I've been spending my time-
out in the garden.

This weeks goals:

Make & Create-
Finish Christmas in July Wallhanging
Finish 3 skill building blocks-give project over to someone in quilt chapter
Attend Summer Quilt chapter luncheon-contest
Knit any time I watch TV

Health & Weight-
Attend gym/pool 4 times this week
Do not go out to dinner-homecooking only this week
Cut down computer time for more outside time

Have a great week!!!!


Julie said...

Eating at home is so much better for us! You did great --- I your lily is lovely.

Kare said...

OK, I am going to follow your lead this week with cutting down on computer time. I have really abused it lately and my useage numbers reflect that . . .

SpinningStar said...

I like the "cut down on computer time" goal ....I need to add that to my list, set a timer, go sew instead.

I would say I need to continue with cutting grass and weeding, but it is raining again! the bugs are awful - anyone want some rain?

I agree that your lily is beautiful..


Barb said...

You have alot to do...and good luck on the weight loss....I am there with you on that one!