Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creativity block....

I'm stuck...can't figure out how to finish this quilt top.

My quilt chapter is having a
"Christmas in July" contest on July 13th

I had decided to use up the multiple
red fat quarters I received from my
quilt chapter ladies as a thank you last year
at the end of my chapter presidency.

I also decided to use up other fabric
out of my enormous fabric stash.

It's not working...don't know where to go
with this pattern.
I have 55 blocks made.
I would need one more block if I
laid it out in a 7 by 8 block top.

The blocks are just going to have to sit
for a hour(or day or weekend}
while I figure this out!

1 comment:

Constantine said...

Let us know what you do! Whatever you choose to do, it's going to turn out GORGEOUS! All your quilts are beautiful!
Oh, and don't forget PICTURES :)