Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has finally sprung!

Springtime---what it means to me!
Cleaning out closets and drawers...washing the Winter things and packing them away....
Scrubbing windows and curtains to let the sunshine in and get rid of the cobwebs....
I made a trip to our local Deseret Industries, which resales used things.
I dropped off our load at the back door, then drove around to the front and went it... I found this wonderful selection of patterns for 50 cents each, and only one had been cut!

Spring is also time to start being outdoors...
The flowering bulbs are beginning to bloom across the front porch But as you can see in the top right of the photo...I still have the snow shovel up on the porch!
My Grandson loves to say Hello to the neighbors chickens and goats.

I love Spring!

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