Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ode to the 1930's

I've begun the 1930's scrappy quilt called Ode to the 30's.
I hope to do a couple of blocks per week so it doesn't become another UFO! This is block #2 called Wyoming Valley.
I had problems with the center square matching up points.
Decided I was going to do my best on this quilt,
but not stress myself out on perfection.
This is block #1 called Homespun.
The designer recommends making the 12" blocks first,
then working your way down to the 3" blocks,
finishing with the applique blocks.
Doing the construction this way, you are cutting larger pieces out of your fabric,
working down to smaller pieces.
I will run out of 1930-50's fabrics before I finish this quilt
so I guess I will just have to buy more!