Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend trip-Utah & Idaho

Hubby and I went on a quick two day trip out of town this last weekend. The public schools were shut down for UEA, so since Hubby is a teacher, we had Thursday and Friday off for a fun getaway. We had planned to leave early, but our daughter had car problems, so we didn't get away until later in the afternoon. Headed North, we made our usual stop at Smith & Edwards (pictured above). It's a army surplus, grocery, clothing, outdoors, hardware, plus a little of this & that store. As they say, if Smith & Edwards doesn't have it, you probably don't need it....they don't have fabric...hhmmmm.
We drove thru Logan Canyon to the town of Providence, which is just south of the city of Logan. We stayed at the Providence Inn...we've stayed there before and really like it. The place was practically empty for a Thursday Night, so the manager upgraded us from a small Queen room to a huge King suite. I loved the fireplace and wonderful jet tub.

Breakfast was yummy...I took a photo of our breakfast but it came out awful, so I copied this photo over from the website. The photo shows the exact breakfast we had (except the coffee)...I had the raspberry french toast on the left & Hubby had the California Eggs on the right. We even had orange juice!

We headed North to Idaho on Friday morning on Hwy 89.

Lots of farms and small communities along the way. I know you can't really read the sign at the top of the barn, but it say "Fabric Farm" with the address & phone number. We found the fabric was a metal barn that had been turned into a fabric store/long arm machining business. I purchased some new fabric for Kitchen curtains

We stopped in the town of Lewiston-population about 600. A sign directed us to Theurer's Fabric store on 1 Main. We found the address, but could only see a gas station and grocery store. Then my Hubby read the print on the side of the grocery store...Fresh produce...Groceries...Fine Meats....FABRIC! The fabric was on the left and the groceries were on the right. Extremely friendly folks!

We looked at a few lots of land to buy, but couldn't see anything that we were definite about. I guess we'll just have to keep going back to find that perfect spot. Above is a photo (sorry it isn't too good) of the changing Fall colors & snow on the upper pine trees. Ah, Fall in Utah!

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