Friday, October 16, 2009

New light on the subject of Quilting

I went to a wonderful lecture on Quilting and the place it holds in History, especially Women's view of History. First though, my photos got loaded backwards (dumb computer!), so you get these photos first..... My family has lived in our current house a little over 12 years now. We took over the building of this house after alot of the actual building and planning had been done. I didn't get to choose alot of the fun things, like lights and paint color, so I have had the lights (pictured above) on the front of my house for 12 years. Well, the light at the front door died, so we had to buy something new....
How do you like the new light....I love it! We are going to get two more of the same design but larger in size for the front of the garage.

Now on to the subject: The Lecture....

I attended a lecture called "Text & Textile" at Weber State (Ogden, Utah) by Dr. Judy Elsley, Professor of English. She compared writing a text with creating a quilt and it was an absolutely wonderful lecture.

She is a self taught quilter who dyes her own fabrics for her creations. Her dye/formula book was about 4 inches thick! She also makes her own stamps and other items for printing on the fabric. The picture above is of Dr. Elsley and one of her quilts from the her University website:

This quilt, also from her website, is called "Midday". Beautiful!!!!!!!
I had a "AH-HA" moment at her lecture, when she said she dyes the fabric, then waits until the fabric tells her what to create. I try to do that myself, though there are times I fall into the "it will be just faster & easier to use this printed pattern & get it done" mode. I hope to be able to take one of her college textile classes in the near future!