Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stashbusting Report #9

Fabric in this week-2 yards
Fabric in YTD-44 yards

Fabric used this week-7 yards
Fabric used YTD-47 yards

Yeah...finally going towards the "used" fabric side more than the "in" fabric side. 3 yards was the quilt top I posted yesterday....the other 4 yards went towards Christmas presents....yes, I am trying to get a jump start on Christmas this year. I know, I always say I am starting early, but this year, I am really making some progress on my sewing gifts!

So, are you a stashbuster? How are you doing?


Barb said...

I should be a stash are doing a great job whittling yours down.

Kris said...

Brilliant stash busting! (So impressed!)

MarkS said...

The most busting we seem to do is of our small cash stashes...