Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you are in Salt Lake, you really should go!

My photo's reversed when I uploaded them, so, to start blocks for my quilt guild donation quilt. We are donating the quilt to the city of Syracuse (Utah) which I think they will use to raise money for the recreation department. We use the city rec center for free 10 months out of the year, so a nice quilt isn't too much for us to do for the city. Each quilter received a piece of the solid coral fabric you see in my blocks and was asked to make a 12.5 (12" finished) inch block of her choice. I had enough to make two, so I thought it was better to do both in case someone fell thru.
Now, to the real topic of my post....I got to attend the opening reception of my niece, Amy Skouson, at a Art exhibit in Salt Lake last night. Pictured below is the beautiful artist with her quilt of Iowa Corn Fields. The Art Exhibit is sponsored by our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...also known as Mormons. The exhibit has paintings (oil, watercolors & mixed media), plus Textiles (quilts, clothing) and I think I saw a couple of sculptures. There were about 1000 initial entries, 200 of which were displayed.

Amy is an extraordinaire quilter/textile artist. She Linocut print her basic scene, then fabric painted and hand embroidered...the piece is beautiful! So is Amy! I tried to take a photo of just her quilt piece, but my camera was not the greatest. If you would like to see it, go to her blog:

I think it is the fourth piece down...called Iowa Corn Stubble. The show goes until October 2009,so if you're going to be in the area of the Conference Center (North of the Salt Lake Temple), stop by for a fabulous tour!

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Barb said...

You certainly have reason to be proud of your niece. I wish I could go and see this exhibit...but can't. Love your squares for the donation quilt as well.