Sunday, August 6, 2017

Another week...more sewing

I am on a roll with using up scraps
for the comfort (donation) quilts

I finished up this quilt top this week.

I created the center from 1.5 inch scraps. All the
scrappy blocks around it, I found in my stash, but
I don't think they are of my sewing....

The quilt top measures 56 inch square.

I started a new comfort top in 2.5 scraps.
The block is called  
Star Value Quilt Block. If you click
the link, it will take you to the 
designers Blog.

I am making the block in white-
off white and print scraps,
with solid scraps in the corners.

As I posted last week, I started a
weight loss program at my
local Hospital. The Orientation
meeting was good...a little overwhelming...
I have started writing down everything
I eat and my exercise time.

For my Slow Stitch Sunday, I 
will working my felt Nativity set...
hand embroidery.

What are you working on?


tubakk said...

Great quilt for giving away. I work on my La Passion, a hexagon quilt with 17 000 hexies.

Anne Ida said...

Lovely scrappy projects!

CathieJ said...

Your donation quilt is beautiful. I have been trying to lose weight all summer. I do best when I write everything down. Best wishes for this journey.

Kaja said...

Great ideas for using up scraps!

Deb from frugal little bungalow said...

This is beautiful and how sweet that you are donating it.