Friday, October 2, 2015

On the Needle

I really don't want to keep starting
knit projects and never finishing,
like my quilt projects. This blue
shawl is my never finished, always
on going knit project.
 It is not a difficult pattern. I
just keep putting it to the side
while I try something new. I
resolve to have it finished by
the end of the year!
I did have a couple of finishes
this past week. I am making
my husband an assortment of
hats he can wear at work.
He is a teacher, but also does the
cross guard duty at his school.
Cold and sometime snowy mornings
call for a hat.
The pattern is called Ruben Hat on Ravelry
I also finished a hat made of
sock yarn for my daughter.
I am going the next year without
purchasing yarn (or fabric), so
I found a great pattern on Ravelry
for slouchy hats knitted with
sock yarn. I have never made
socks, but had a lot of sock
yarn in my stash (big clearance sale)
What's On the Needle at your house?


straythreads said...

great caps!!!! I think self striping yarn is so much more fun to knit than solids just can't with to see the next color.
Try socks two at a time toe up there are lots of you tube videos to help you. Thats how I learned. I always tell myself too no more fabric or yarn until I finish this................ It helps
have a great weekend

Ramona said...

Your shawl looks so soft and warm. The pattern is so pretty. Yes... great hats! I, too, tell myself no new purchases until I finish some projects. It does help! And, I also taught myself to knit socks by watching youtube videos. I have not accomplished the two at a time way yet. I enjoy knitting one at a time, but someday!

Sandie said...

Love the shawl! Care to share pattern info?

Dar said...

Your shawl pattern looks pretty. What's the pattern and needle size you are using. I also think your hats are wonderful. That is my next project for winter. I learned to knit socks and became addicted to them. It's hard not to want to start another pair when I finish one. I watch youtube, ask friends and bought a book that has been the lifeline to my learning sock knitting. It shows great pictures on every step of the way for a sock. "Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting" by Laura Chau. You can get a slightly used book on Amazon for $10 or less. It also covers top down, toe up, 1 at a time on double pointed needles and 1 circularm Magic Loop and 2 circular. Warning though, if you make a pair, you might get hooked on sock making!

Judy S. said...

Nice projects! I, too, am much better at starting things than finishing so have lots of UFOs and WIPs. Love your goals. I need to do more shopping from the stash!

Beth said...

I love your hat projects!! I will be adding a few of these patterns to my wish list.