Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finally...some changes in my numbers!

I have a knit retreat with my local knit
group coming up soon.
I made 13 fabric project bags,
so each knitter will have a small
gift to carry her current knit project.
Used this week: 13 yards
Purchased this week: 10 yards
Used for 2014: 30 yards
I am continuing to sew on my
Trip Around the World project
I was suppose to finish Row 30
this last week, but I am just
beginning Row 23.
Sewing 2 inch squares, this is going
to take a while. I am not sure how
much more I am going to sew. It
is very relaxing and I am enjoying
the process of hand sewing.
This weeks goals:
Start/sew a QOV
Cut Rows 25-30 for TAW
Sew 4 Christmas Presents
(Library book bags for grandkids)
What are you current projects?

1 comment:

A Nudge said...

I've made a charity quilt top for our church's sewing group, worked on my commissioned quilt, and quilting a wall hanging. Great numbers!